Good morning, Echo Lake, wherever you are!

Grandpa and Liam at the lake,
August 2009

The recipe list is right there, and there's a family history page.
Sr. Michaela, 1920-2006.

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Annual Endwell Garden Club Gala Luncheon, July 9, 2014
In which we enjoy a catered lunch thanks to the ladies of the Endwell United Methodist Church, followed by demonstration and lessons on creating flower arrangements by the man who owns the Renaissance Florist and Garden in Binghamton.

To be reinstated ... 2011
To be added for the first time ... 2012, 2013


Echo Lake Summer 2011 (125 pictures)
And a really great time was had by all ... 3 pictures by Ella, 8 by Lara, 114 by Marianne


Austria and Germany 2010: A Baptism, A Wedding Anniversary, Four Birthdays and a Funeral
Top 12 photos in Austria and Germany, May and June, 2010 (12 photos)

And the "Top 200" broken up into 7 webpages -
  1. Mostly Neufahrn (27 photos)
  2. Snails, Swarowski and Creches (20 photos)
  3. Kirchberg Days (25 photos)
  4. Confirmation, Corpus Christe and Inductees into Austrian Army (7 photos)
  5. So Long Farewell (20 photos)

    The following sections will be put up over the next week. --Marianne, June 12, 2010
  6. Funeral (54 photos)
  7. Baptism (86 photos)

Three videos by Linda, and the Dad Memorial Movie
Kids and Salzburg- Lara on bike ... girls lip syncing ... Bells of Salzburg Dom ... Liam (4 mins 48 secs)
5 Koeniger cousins - Finlay, Helena, Aggie, Lara and Ella dancing around on June 3 during Corpus Christi celebration in Kirchberg, Austria (1 min 8 secs)
Whatca doing, Liam?

Dad Memorial Movie The display is tiny, about 1 inch square, so you might prefer to watch this from the DVD, either on a TV or by putting the DVD in your computer and letting it play. (12 minutes)

Happy Mother's Day, May 9, 2010
In lieu of flowers ... here's many flowers via the web. These are my favorite pictures from mid-April to now. (46 pictures)

UCCE Master Gardeners of Santa Clara County on Facebook

Spring Garden Market, April 10, 2010
Annual plant sale and fair put on by UCCE Master Gardeners of Santa Clara County - the master gardener web site is (53 pictures)

Easter flowers, April 2010
Flowers coming into bloom at home and in the neighborhood (33 pictures)

Mike in Austria, February 2010
As seen in email & on facebook ... the collection together again at last, on troutlily! (9 pictures)

Texans in California, March 2010
Yosemite and San Francisco (41 pictures)

Winter at Home 2010
A blue frog invaded the garden, and other tales Jan-Mar 2010. (15 pictures)

SF Bay Travel Ideas
Just some ideas for when Mike et al come to California ...


Winter at Echo Lake and Advent in Kirchberg (1 Echo Lake picture; 6 Kirchberg pictures)
From Marcia and Mali, respectively. November and December 2009.

Four videos of the kids on YouTube (4 videos)
Ella dancing as Star: 1 min 42 sec. Lara as "Kind 1" with a line to recite: 3 mins. Liam chowing down on cardboard oops I mean some gross baby food: 22 secs. Liam rolling over: 20 secs. The videos are embedded on the troutlily webpage and I also have links in case the embedding doesn't work for you. Let me know of any snafus.

Year in Pictures, December 2009
These are not representative but just a couple here and there that I liked. (23 pictures)

Swans and a Dirndl and a Skier, December 2009
16 swans at the lake and Lara in a great new dirndl and Mike on a ski weekend (7 pictures)

New Hair December, December 12, 2009
Marianne gets a haircut (6 pictures, self portraits ...)

Mali and Gerhard visit Neufahrn, November 9, 2009

Sunny days in Kirchberg and Munich, September 2009
Almabtrieb, balloons, horse riding and general adorableness (11 pictures)

Two great shots by Ryan, August 2009
A priceless picture of Lara & Rachel, and the family picture by the lake (2 pictures)

Munich in September
Kathi, Rainer, Lara, Ella and Liam are settling in and having fun - Mali and Gerhard visit. (33 pictures)

Welcome Liam!
Liam Thomas Koeniger was born on Thursday, May 28, 2009. (5 pictures)

Releasing scallops into the bay May 11, 2009
Multimedia presentation of the scallop release! All the newspaper articles are reprinted along with the photos & videos. Go Linda! (5 pictures, links to photo gallery of 12 pictures, two short videos)

Two kids in two pix May 15, 2009
Thanks Kathi (answered my plea for sustenance the day after that woman moved out). (2 pictures)

troutlily II:Happy Mother's Day 2009 May 10, 2009
A random collection of memories form 2009. Sent as glossy macbook to Mom. Which got lost in fedex neverneverland. I ordered a second one to send to Mom. (74 pictures)

troutlily II : Nasturtium self-hybridizing at home April, 2009
The multicolored nasturtium of 2009 have been variegated nasturtium in 2009. (23 pictures)

troutlily II : Good by Willow Thanks Doug! Spring, 2009
The willow stick I stuck in the ground grew to 18' in two years and HAD TO GO before it invaded all my water pipes. Its roots will just get any water they can from anywhere. You don't want willows close to the pipes. Of course now I have a tiny curly willow at the other end of the garden. Maybe it will be a dwarf willow!!! ho ho ho. (There is no such thing.) (7 pictures)

troutlily II : Home Garden January - April, 2009
It's been 2 1/2 years at 333 Kingsley and some things are starting to look garden-esque although truth to tell the whole thing is random, eccentric and its beauty is in the eye of the beholder. (20 pictures)

troutlily II : Community Garden plot January - April, 2009
The fist community garden plot (4 vegetable beds, a flower bed and a succulent rock garden) (14 pictures)

troutlily II : Nicole January - April, 2009
Nicole is about 2 1/2 and a friendly next door neighbor who drops by often to help me by cooking, cleaning, watering the garden, putting plants in the ground, and so on, in ways that her imagination suggests to her! She is good about not using the computer now. Oh, she's also good at loading the washing machine and setting it going (for real on that one. Also she did plant a thyme plant once on her own.) Great kid. (18 pictures)

troutlily II : Visiting Clifton Park January, 2009
Wonderful to visit the snow and Lara and Ella and Kathi and Rainer (26 pictures)

troutlily II : Life at Clifton Park early 2009
(10 pictures)


Mike skiing in Alyeska, Alaska
Mike takes advantage of a business trip to hit the slopes (2 pictures)

Thanksgiving at Panama City Beach, Florida
Before Thanksgiving - playing on the beach and in the condo (45 pictures)
Best picks from this week-long visit with the family
There might be some overlap with the link above. (52 pictures)

Mike on Bike!
Mike's November ride for Multiple Schlerosis fundraiser - 500 miles? Some improbable number of miles! (3 pictures)

Catching up with photos from this year in Austria: Schwester Augusta visits; Mom and Dad travel to Austria; Pfarrhof Celebration and Obama Celebration (16 pictures)

Sarasota and the Dattoli Center
A few pictures of the Sarasota area and the Dattoli Center(7 pictures)

The boat has been resurrected!
Gary restored the boat damaged by fire. (October 5; 6 pictures)

Ciao - not farewell - to Vyna, heading north ... to escape the election?
Sumptuous banquet at Miriam's (October 4; 15 pictures)

Gardens in mid-summer
Eating from the Garden (August 17; 6 pictures)
Orlaya and friends in home garden (August 1; 7 pictures)
Gnomes and spiders and marigolds, oh my! (July 30; 14 pictures)

Garden catch-up: July 21, 2008
Home garden on July 21 (10 pictures)
f53 on July 21 (5 pictures)
f53 at the end of June (6 pictures)

Upstate New York, July 2008
The Great Bonfire of 2008, 14 pictures
Echo Lake, 24 pictures
Clifton Park Version I by Marianne, 14 pictures
Clifton Park Version II from Mom's camera (photographers vary), 43 pictures
Clifton Park Version III from Kathi's camera (photographers vary), 29 pictures

The Tempest, June 29
Two takes on Shakespeare's play, for a Stanford class performance (34 pictures)

Jardin Chez Ian et Nika, June 21
Solstice Status for the European Travelers' nostalgia and yearning and curiosity (7 pictures)

Wildflowers gone wild, June 23
The wildflowers are taking over. (14 pictures)

Home is where the comfy chairs are, June 23
Just a few pictures of the back patio (11 pictures)

Community Garden Plot, February 3 - June 8, 2008
This shows the evolution ... 41 pictures

Visiting Clifton Park, May 12-22, 2008
The last few days - May 18-22
I settled down and didn't deluge the kids with as many popping flashing lights (58 photos)
Le Party
Noon - dusk chez Koeniger ... then the movable feast shifted a few houses down to Fiona and Steve's where merriment reigned well past midnight (28 photos)
Saturday Pre-party
Keeping an eye on the kids is a lot of fun (20 photos)
May 14-16 in Clifton Park
Racing along the driveway, hide and seek, painting Puff the Magic Dragon and braving the scary forest to find the swings, all in princess high heels (84 photos)
Lara's Party, con't
Even more photos from the afternoon of May 13 and the visitation of a dozen girls in princess dress (77 photos)
First day in Clifton Park
May 13 was the day of Lara's birthday party (49 photos)

Rachel at UT Honors Convocation
The first in the 2008 series of family cameos!

Skiing in Austria
Gerhard & Mike looking good; ditto Koenigers; Ella looking tall! (3 photos)


Christmas 2007 in Palo Alto
Mom and Dad visit for two weeks - flower arranging, tree decorating, cookie making, and many home projects! (116 photos)

Christmas LED lights - half-price, November 17, 2007
The Palo Alto hardware stores are selling LED Christmas lights for half-price (so about $5 or $6 per 20' string - details vary - see the web page for details) (9 pictures)

Upstate NY, August and September
Visiting Mary and Orley, and a great weekend with the kids!

Two Witches: Henry and the Bad Witch of the South, October 15, 2007
Nika and Ian built two witches. They adorn the front path to my front door. (4 pictures)

Furniture! September 26, 2007
I was just looking for some sort of groovy bed on craigslist, and accidentally stumbled across a fabulous 5-piece 1930s bedroom set. (12 pictures)

The Amazing Dock Project, summertime (and the living was not THAT easy ...)
Linda, Dad and Darrin accomplish the feat in 5 days (10 pictures, taken by Mom)

North Truro, Cape Cod
Day's Market and Day's Cottages ... these are photos I snitched from their web site, to plant the idea that maybe some summer we can convene there. (2 pictures)

California Cottage Garden
The first six months. Eclectic, and everything's an experiment. (52 pictures)
Update from late June - orlaya now in full bloom (6 pictures)
Datura metel, August through September, 2007 (7 pictures)

Before the clearcut, March 21
Fences considered harmful. (2 pictures) It's a long story, look for it in short story format appearing on a web site near you in the near future ...

Clifton Park in March
Cameos of the kids and their attendants (61 pictures)

Marine Ecology YouTube video, March 14
Linda explains sea grass monitoring! (1 1/2 minute video)

New hot tub in Panama City! March 11
Dad and Linda and Gary luxuriate (3 pictures)

Lara and Ella clapping! March 6 (34 second video)

Mike - the choice! March 6
Let Mike know which shot you like, for a head crop. And let me know if you'd like to see larger versions of these. There are in fact 3 pictures - there are multiple shots per picture, as it were.

Winter in upstate New York
Snow finally arrived (3 pictures)

Ella and Lara in early January
The kids race around the house, and sometimes sleep ... (7 pictures)

Lara gets Ella to laugh - January 20 (55 second video)

Ella the Elf, Christmas 2006
This pictures of Ella were taken by neighbor Eileen - strictly speaking, I should file these under "2006" ... (7 pictures)

She did it! Ella stands on sleeper. January 19, 2007 (Click on the big arrow in the center of the picture to play the video) (44 second video)

Ella trying to stand, January 18 - Click on the arrow in the center of the picture
A YouTube video of the baby becoming a toddler. (38 second video)

January Freeze, January 14
In mid-January, it got down to around 26 for several nights running. Susan covered her garden for the duration. (1 picture)

from the cardboard boxes in storage, January 10 (1 picture)

The 333 Chronicles, 2007 edition
California Cottage Garden - The first six months, January to June. Eclectic, and everything's an experiment. (52 pictures) And - an update from June 27 (6 pictures).
Mardi Gras 2007 (19 pictures)
Japanese arrangement of fruit tree branches, surprisingly blooming! (5 pictures)
Retro patio chairs, the decisions! (6 pictures)


A privacy fence grows in Panama City
Gary designed and built a great fence along one length of their property

Clifton Park in December
Marianne visits Kathi/Rainier/Lara/Ella for a week, nursing broken foot (38 pictures)
and Round 2 (24 pictures)

Adventsingen and beyond, November-December
A few photos from Adventsingen in Ormond Beach. (Send in your pre-Christmas photos and I'll add them here.) (3 pictures)

Or the day after more precisely, November 24 (8 pictures)

Before, during and after Ella's baptism! Clifton Park, October 13-17
We went for a hike on Friday the 13th (22 pictures)
The day of the baptism, October 14 (54 pictures)
The party & the days that followed, October 14-16 (70 pictures)

The 333 Chronicles
Retro patio chairs, the decisions! (6 pictures)
First Christmas - the decorations, December 21 (Happy Solstice) (17 pictures)
After the second month, December 4 (13 pictures)
First month, October 31 (45 pictures)
Move in day, Day Zero, October 3 (17 pictures)

The Road to Monterey Bay Aquarium, September 24
In which we see our heros eating and watching penguins eat (6 pictures)

Welcome Eleonora, September 16
A welcome party for Eleonora, Miriam's new housemate (24 pictures)

The Djerassi Artists Residency Colony
Director's Tour of the Djerassi grounds and installations (36 pictures)

The 33rd Telluride Film Festival
4 golden days of late summer and film, September 1-4 (46 pictures)

Mariannie visits Clifton Park and Echo Lake
Meeting Ella for the first time at Clifton Park, Aug 3-8 (16 pictures)
Journeying with the kids to Echo Lake, Aug 8-14 (90 pictures)
Mom's pictures at Echo Lake (14 pictutes)

The first two months
June and July, as captured by Kathi (15 pictures)

Lara and Ella in summer
Kathi captured some fantastic moments in July and August. (13 pictures)

Going blond, July 10
After almost 20 years in California, I wasn't turning into a tall, slender, blond surfer babe, so I decided to take matters into my own hands. (9 pictures)

I was just getting used to Colorado: June, 2006
Marianne's pictures

Mom's pictures

Ella in June
Pictures from Linda's visit to Clifton Park (31 pictures)

Stinson Beach to Muir Woods and Back, May 29
12-mile Day (35 pictures)

Lara turns 2, Daddy turns ? - Clifton Park, NY
The Day Before (51 pictures)
The Big Day (69 pictures)
Second Party (100 pictures)
Mother's Day (9 pictures)

Redwoods in Woodside, May 1
A whole bunch of pictures of trees. The pictures basically look very much alike to the untrained eye. The trees are unique though. (14 pictures)

Jasper Ridge, April 29
The MLA alumni association (in the person of Suzanne!) organized a great tour/hike of Stanford's Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve, which is up in Woodside.

mySpace, April 27
The Zen Room has been overlaid with a new office, courtesy IKEA. (6 pictures)

Greek Easter, April 23
The annual party in Los Altos Hills! A feast and a fun reunion and meeting with old and new friends. (20 pictures)

Armando in South Africa Ironman
Crossing the finish line, and with little Riccardo (2 pictures)

Lara in Spring, March-April
Cameos (5 pictures)

Gerhard and Uschi visit San Francisco, April 1
On a whirlwind blueberry tour, the Koenigers take time out for some sightseeing. (9 pictures)

Vegas, March 26-29
Audrey and I spend 3 fabulous days in Las Vegas. (36 pictures)

The roof crumbles a bit at Linda and Gary's.
but a miracle fix is put in. April 2. (4 pictures)

Bromeliads and Azeleas!
Florida spring. March 16-19. (33 pictures)

A Lunch and a Birthday Party
The Red Hat Society met for lunch (March 14), and Patrick and Karyn and their little girl Alaya came by on March 18 to celebrate Patrick's birthday with a cake. (6 pictures)

Lara and company visit Florida.
Spring break! March 3-7. (36 pictures)

Stefan visits Florida in February
Stefan tours Florida, and stops by Ormond Beach for a few days (4 pictures)

The Getty Center
An impulsive trip to the Getty Center in February. (27 pictures)

Groovy SUV's
SUV's that we might want to rent for the trip to Colorado in June (4 tiny pictures)

I visited two little towns in Tobago the first week of the new year.


Mali's photos from October
Mali and Gerhard visited Egelsbach to see everyone (OK, to see Lara). October 17-18. (10 pictures)

Christmas Day at Clifton Park and Palo Alto
Lara gets the hang of opening presents, and good friends get together for a sumptuous dinner at Marianne's. December 25. (20 pictures and 3 video clips)

Christmas Eve at La Selva
I dropped by La Selva for Christmas Eve dinner. December 24. (7 pictures)

Dinner at Kokkari's
Mary Jane invited 5 of us to a wonderful dinner in the city. December 23. (5 pictures)

Christmas Decorations at Ormond Beach
Charlotte of Salzburg decorated the condo. December 23. (18 pictures)

Marianne's Charlie Brown Tree
A Christmas Tree for Laning Chateau. December 17. (6 pictures)

Gondolier and Fairy Child
A few pictures from late summer - of Lara - and a few more from Thanksgiving; by Mom, scanned by mrm. (6 pictures)

Creche Exhibit
A new tradition is founded - an exhibit of creches to go along with the Adventsingen season. Sunday, December 11. (18 pictures)

The annual concert at Advent season, based on one presented every year in Salzburg. Sunday, December 4. (13 pictures)

Thanksgiving 2005
To the beach house! Saturday, November 19. (30 pictures)
Rainy day. Sunday, November 20. (47 pictures)
Silver-gray day. Monday, November 21. (13 pictures)
Sunny beach day and bike ride. Tuesday, November 22. (40 pictures)
Sunsets. Wednesday, November 23. (11 pictures)
Thanksgiving Swimming. Thursday, November 24 (35 pictures)
Farewell. Friday, November 25. (3 pictures)

The Mueller Family, November 15 compilation
Lorraine inspired me to put together a short photo album page of the Mueller family. Cameos from the past couple years. (22 pictures)

The Tunis Family, November 14
The family is together on the very sad occasion of Cyril's passing. (11 pictures)

Block Party in Laning Chateau, November 5
Meeting the neighbors - great idea! Thanks to Mary and Lisa for doing this. (10 pictures)

Lara in October: in Germany, and as a lion for Halloween
Lara as Space and Shape Traveler in October. Pictures by Kathi. (17 pictures)

Catching up with Lara (May-August)
Lara swims, kicks in the water and chows down! Pictures from May-August; posted October 28, 2005. (8 pictures)

Lara in early Autumn
She talks, she walks, she roots for the Yankees. (3 pictures)

Party! before autumn moves in for real. October 22
A baker's dozen of wonderful friends stopped by also to wish me a happy birthday and (I hope) enjoy the spread. (13 pictures)
jhw's takes. John took some photos. (18 pictures)

Senator Hillary Clinton visits Greene, NY
Mom holds hands with the charismatic politician (2 pictures)

The enormous, ponderous collection from Austria and Italy: September 9-26

Austria, September 9-15, and September 24-26:

Italy, September 17-23:

Flashbacks: pictures from Kurt
Trip to America, July 2005. Includes wonderful pictures of Lara! (9 pictures)
Family Erlmoser (5 pictures)
New Orleans and Echo Lake (6 pictures)
Verena (14 pictures)

Lara and her friends Schuyler and Andrew, early September
The kids play in the sun (5 pictures)

Catching up with July, posted August 25
July in upstate New York, starring Lara, Kurt, Kathi, Lotte und Charlie! (11 pictures)

Top Hat Up For Adoption, August 25
A wonderful black top hat was offered to the first comer, in my building - I grabbed it. It's a bit small for me so you can have it if you can make use of it. (4 pictures)

Palladio Tour Links (for tour Sept 17-24)
A handy collection of 8 links, put together by your Internet obsessive.

Amaryllis Madness! August 20
Amaryllis Bella Donna, or Naked Lady, is springing up all over town. Possibly my favorite flower. On my walk today, I made do with taking many pictures of Naked Ladies instead of picking a couple to bring home. Also, a couple pictures of pretty houses and gardens in Palo Alto. (26 pictures)

A glorious week in Montana and Canada, August 2-8
Lake McDonald to Many Glacier (31 pictures)
Climbing to the glacier (26 pictures)
Wildflowers and rocks (23 pictures)
On to Canada (10 pictures)
The Bear's Hump (9 pictures)
The continental divide (12 pictures)

Quiet dinner at Ian & Nika's (and their parents and uncle ...), July 23
Mostly cameos on a too-hot evening (12 pictures)

Two Houses at Seaside, Florida
Possible rentals for Thanksgiving (28 tiny pictures)

Party at Elizabeth Damron's, June 30
Two long-time friends (3 pictures)

Panama City Sightings, July 18
Angel design discovered by Linda & Gary, who contemplate eBay possibilities. (1 picture)

Viking Lodge "brochure", Telluride, Colorado
A few pictures - of the lodge, and of a 2-bedroom condo (5 pictures)

July 4 week at Echo Lake, July 1-11
Pickerel Derby, July 2 (37 pictures)
Damrons visit, July 3 (9 pictures)
Boat Parade, July 4 (18 pictures)
The Great Wastewater Project, July 5-7 (20 pictures)
Lara Arrives!, July 8 (17 pictures)
Mom's Birthday, July 9 (22 pictures)
A Day of Farewells, July 10 (14 pictures)

Weekend in Santa Barbara Wine Country, June 18-19
Sideways: or, Day One. (14 pictures)
Slantways: or, Day Two. (11 pictures)

A lovely dinner at Miriam's, June 11.
A convocation of family at Miriam's this June evening. (3 pictures)

Lara walking! End of May.
The one-year-old is growing fast. (5 pictures)

Lara's First Birthday, May 12-15

Greek Easter at George and Judy Marcus', May 1
A fabulous time was had by all at this celebration of Easter. (42 pictures)

Passover Seder at Miriam's. April 24
Nine people gathered to bow our heads for freedom. (7 pictures)

Segway Polo, Sunnyvale, April 17
Lots of novices riding Segways and looking dorky, and some action shots of the polo match! (30 pictures)

Susan Dunlap Photography Gallery, April 9
A couple dozen people dropped by to view Susan's beautiful photographs of flowers. (32 pictures)

Le Canoe! early April
Gary launches the just-completed hand-made wooden canoe. (5 pictures)

Lambs and Waterfalls: Yosemite in March
Housesitting two lambs near Yosemite (15 pictures)

Dropping by Susan's studio, February 10
The artist and a few canvasses (11 pictures)

Koeniger Ski Week in Serfaus, Tirol, Austria
While grownups ski, babies rule the resort (23 pictures)


Lara's First Christmas
The littlest elf (9 pictures)

Mexico: one week Atlantic coast, one week Pacific
The beach at Playa del Carmen, December 9-11 (10 pictures)
Chichen Itza, December 12 (37 pictures)
Bumming on the beach, and Tulum, December 13-14 (20 pictures)
Getting to Yelapa, December 16-19 (25 pictures)
Winding down in Yelapa, December 20-22 (7 pictures)

Thanksgiving and before and beyond (total: 98 pictures)
Gary's canoe, November 6 & 11 (4 pictures)
On the beach, November 21 & 22 (21 pictures)
Thanksgiving Eve, November 24 (24 pictures)
Thanksgiving, November 25 (34 pictures)
Rest of the week, November 25-28 (15 pictures)

Lara's first Halloween
The Peapod sweetly sprouts! (3 pictures)

Dinner at Brian and Dave's, October 29
We were yet capable of joy, the election hadn't happened yet. (11 pictures)

Party at Miriam's, October 23
Food and music were the themes of the day. (11 pictures)

I Love My TV
and I named her Phyllis, October 22. (4 pictures)

Two cousins
Freshman Ryan running in meet, October 8, and Lara shows her colors, October 13, 2004 (2 pictures)

Advance Birthday Party, October 9
The post-midnight crowd (15 pictures)

Upstate New York, September 16-26
Clifton Park: September 18 (38 pictures)
Baptism: September 19 (51 pictures)
Echo Lake scenes: September 20 & 21 (14 pictures)
Lara and Kathi arrive: September 22 (5 pictures)
The Bordens celebrate their 66th anniversary: September 23 (10 pictures)
Mongolian hats and Lara at the lake: September 24 (27 pictures)
More Lara at the lake: September 25 (12 pictures)

Arizona, September 1-6
La Posada Inn on Route 66: September 1 (5 pictures)
Petrified Forest, Painted Desert, and north rim of Canyon de Chelly: September 2 (53 pictures)
Canyon de Chelly, north rim, Monument Valley: September 3 (13 pictures)
Grand Canyon, Sedona: September 4 (22 pictures)
Vortexes, red rocks, Sedona: September 5 (31 pictures)

Furby Night, August 27, 2004
Two Furbies migrate to Nika and Ian's house. (18 pictures)

An impromptu dinner party, August 17, 2004
Audrey, Natasha and Joel welcome me home. (7 pictures)

Florence, Italy: July 29-August 9, 2004
S. Croce and first impressions. July 31. (9 pictures)
Cathedral (Duomo), Statues, Ponte Vecchio, Santo Spirito August 1. (30 pictures)
ArtShots(tm). August 2. (5 pictures)
Hotel Casci, Gerhard. August 3. (12 pictures)
Tiny electric car, view from Uffizi, where our wine came from. August 4. (4 pictures)
Boboli Gardens, S. Maria Novella, Hotel Casci Internet Cafe August 5. (26 pictures)
Basilica di San Lorenzo, Jewish Synagogue August 6. (5 pictures)
Fiesole, Tuscany countryside, sunsest in Florence. August 7. (45 pictures)
Olives, San Gimignano, lunch at Fattoria San Donato, Siena August 8. (43 pictures)
Piazza Michaelangelo. August 9. (8 pictures)

Lara at 2 1/2 months (roughly), July 27, 2004
Lara grows and twists and turns, while Mom and Dad look on happily. (12 pictures)

Yosemite Work Week, July 11-17, 2004.
There are 8 pages: 3 of my pictures, and 5 of fellow camper Jerry's pictures. I hope you will find you can quickly scroll through each top-level page and not have to spend too much time to get an overall impression.

My pictures:

We arrive at camp, settle in, and head our for our first workday on Monday, pulling mustard. (36 pictures)
Giant Sequoias and the gala dinner Tuesday evening. (24 pictures)
Searching for the illusive rare plant, Ivesia. (39 pictures)

Jerry's pictures:

Yosemite's forests, meadows and mountains ... and killer trees! (30 pictures)
Baby Sequoias! (7 pictures)
The Gala dinner, and more pictures of Celia from Endicott. (24 pictures)
Glorious shots of flowers (14 pictures)
Tracking the Ivesia, and many group shots. (34 pictures)

Lara at (roughly) 7 weeks: June 28, 2004
Mama and Papa are relaxed and all smiles, as Lara seems to be adjusting very happily to life in this dimension. (9 pictures)

Friends at Inverness, Marin: July 2-4, 2004
Caitlin, Audrey and I spend a wonderful couple of days in the quiet country near the sea up north. (15 pictures)

Big Sur wildness and calmness: June 28 - July 2, 2004
Esalen is a miracle of a place along the coast. June 28 - June 30, 2004. (39 pictures)
The Tassajara Zen Center another miracle. June 30 - July 2, 2004. (33 pictures)
Big Sur 2004, or, my take on Esalen and Tassajara. Text only.

Lara at 5 1/2 weeks, roughly speaking: June 23, 2004
Lara smiles and coos and generally wins over everyone's heart, even as Papa grieviously ages! (13 pictures)

The last pictures from the inaugural three weeks of Lara!
From May 27 to June 1, feast your eyes on the growing Lara, and another trip to Echo Lake and back, wherein Marianne takes some art shots of the greenery and, well, the livestock! Also, on Memorial Day, the Bordens and Elizabeth Damron visit. And yes, on June 2, your photographer has headed back home to California, so we'll have to hope Kathi & Rainer get bitten by the website construction bug. (44 pictures)

This just in: Mike as biker and as author! May 10 and May 21, 2004.
Mike's looking good as a bicyclist for multiple schlerosis, and soon after his paper is presented at a geophysicists' meeting. (4 pictures)

Week Three in the Life of Lara, May 24-26, 2004
Lara sleeps, yes, but she also squirms and stares and generally looks adorable. Also: more shots of the sleeping grandparents, and, a nice anniversary picture of Kathi, Rainer and Lara. (20 pictures)

Linda and Gary and Scamperly: May 25
The wonderfulest newest toy, the trailer, is now parked in Gary and Linda's driveway. (2 pictures)

Sunday at the lake: May 23
We take a rowboat ride around the lake and finish the day with corn and spiedis. In between, an historical tour of Greene. (18 pictures)

Clifton Park to Echo Lake: May 21-22
It is claimed Lara changes day to day - you be the judge. And, some would-be artistic shots of wildflowers and outhouses. (18 pictures)

A few pictures from Mom Kathi's collection
Lara is captured wide-eyed on camera. (6 pictures)

The nappies and the naps: May 17-18, 2004
Sleep is catching - and Internet usage is at an all-time high, with 3 laptops on the wireless network at all times. We go for a walk with the stroller. (22 pictures)

Lara's Day 5, and beginning of Day 6: Sunday, May 16, 2004
Bouncenette and family shots - I promise I will start taking fewer pictures and ruthlessly editing, so I don't put too many pictures online! (12 pictures)

Baby Shower, May 15, 2004
Lara basks in the glow of a dozen friends and neighbors who dropped by for the baby shower. An unexpected guest: Lara! (37 pictures)

Lara on Day 3, May 14, 2004
Lara comes home, we celebrate a double birthday party, and a robot mows the lawn. (20 pictures)

Lara Rose Koeniger and fans, May 13, 2004
Lara never blinked at all the attention. (33 pictures)

The English couches arrive! May 12, 2004
Baby Lara, Linda, Marianne and the couches all arrive on May 12, 2004. (14 pictures)

Writers' Group meets at Stinson Beach, May 9, 2004
A wobble of writers gathers at Alice's beach house in Marin. (11 pictures)

Sierra Club Hike through San Francisco, May 1, 2004
The Golden Gate Bridge, and a few other things. (19 pictures)

30th Computer Workshop, April 28-30, 2004
Just a few but priceless shots of some luminaries at the workshop out by Monterey. (4 pictures)

ADZPCTKO and Mojave Desert hikes, April 24-26, 2004
Down near the border we wish the thru-hikers well at the Annual Day Zero Pacific Crest Trail Kick-off, and then do a couple day hikes in the desert. (40 pictures)

Lunch at Green's and a visit to the Holocaust Memorial, April 18, 2004
Jorge, Miriam and I enjoyed lunch at Green's restaurant in the city before going to a piano trio concert. In between we visited the Holocaust Memorial. (6 pictures)

An evening at the theater, April 17, 2004
Four of us journeyed to San Francisco to see Mamet's "Dr. Faustus", courtesy of Mary Jane's patron father. We also enjoyed dinner at a restaurant part owned by her father, Kokkari -- highly recommended! (3 pictures)

Yosemite in Spring, March 26-28, 2004
Yosemite the bride in the first flush of melting spring (16 pictures)

Emily's birthday celebration in San Francisco, March 19, 2004
The guests and the guests of honor. (13 pictures)

La Selva in March
A few photos of some friends: March 5 and March 12 and 17. (22 pictures)

Fasching party at home, February 21, 2004
A couple dozen people over the evening stopped by to help drive out winter and prepare for the coming season of penitence. (19 pictures)

John's Birthday Bash, January 10, 2004
All generations gather to celebrate John's birthday. (24 pictures)


My favorite pictures from 2003. (47 pictures)

New Year's Eve Party at Michael's
About 25 of us gathered in Milpitas to ring in the new year. Michael is Audrey's boyfriend and also a Zappa freak, so there was a gratifying lot of Zappa music played at the party. (21 pictures)

Christmas Day at La Selva
Cozy dinner enjoyed by a dozen or so of us, December 25 (9 pictures)

Kauai, December 11-18, 2003
Waimea Canyon and Poipu Beach, December 12 (24 pictures)
Kalalau hike, December 13 (19 pictures)
Waterfalls and Beach, December 14 (18 pictures)
Pilohale Beach, December 16 (14 pictures)
Helicopter Ride, December 17 (35 pictures) get-together to watch "Uncovered" video
30 or so of us congregated in Half Moon Bay to watch the video and get to know each other (33 pictures)

Jumpstart on Christmas
Christmas season is just beginning, send in your pictures! (4 pictures)

Thanksgiving at Panama City, Florida
Mom and Dad and Marianne descend on Linda and Gary, yet again. November 25 - December 1, 2003. (28 pictures)

Chamber Music Concert at Nina and Misha's
Chamber music in an intimate setting. November 22, 2003 (15 pictures)

Christmas is nigh! Two wonderful photos of Mom and Dad dressed for Adventsingen. November, 2003 (2 pictures)

Housesitting for 3 little creatures, November 14-21, 2003 (4 pictures)

Big Sur Weekend
Big Sur is gorgeous and only two hours away. November 1-2, 2003 (12 pictures, chatty)

Linda and Gary at Halloween
The Fed meets Trinity, October 31, 2003 (1 picture)

Dinner at California Culinary Academy
A group of twelve of us met at the CCA for a feast. October 28, 2003 (7 pictures)

The Great Apartment-Warming Party
Cameos of some of the starring guests, October 25 (14 pictures)

Point Reyes, Marin county, California
Karin, John, Nika and Ian invited me to join them at Coast Camp, October 18-19, 2003. (30 pictures)

Yosemite Association day hikes
Lyell Canyon and Mono Lake, August 15, 2003 (35 pictures)
Glen Aulin, August 16, 2003 (20 pictures)
Mt. Conness, August 17, 2003 (8 pictures)

An afternoon at the beach, and a Sierra Club hike
Pescadero Beach and Higgins-Purisima ancient redwood, July 14 and 19, 2003 (6 pictures)

Rome, Italy
Introduction to Rome; Parthenon, July 3, 2003 (23 pictures)
St. Peter's, Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain, July 4, 2003 (18 pictures)
Roman Forums, Colloseum, Piazza del Populo, July 5, 2003 (28 pictures)
More of the Forums, Smart cars, Catacomb story, Art Installation, July 6 - 8, 2003 (28 pictures)

Austria, June 23 - July 2, 2003
Gathering crowd in Kirchberg, Mittersil: June 23 - 25, 2003 (18 pictures)
Celebration's Eve, Kirchberg: June 26, 2003 (25 pictures)
The 50th Golden Wedding Anniversary Celebration: June 27, 2003 (49 pictures)
Schwester Auguste's 50th Anniversary Poem, in translation
The Day After: Getting Lost at the Castle, and Happy Reunion at the Beer Garden, June 28, 2003 (27 pictures)
Relaxing into the Country: June 29-30, 2003 (9 pictures)
The kids go hiking: July 1-2, 2003 (16 pictures)

Nika and Ian Woodfill
The wild and wonderful 5- and 3-year olds of downtown Palo Alto. 5 pictures. June, 2003.

San Lorenzo Trail
Kathi and Marianne go on a hike - just 3 quick pictures. June, 2003.

Laning Chateau, c'est moi
15 snapshots in and around Marianne's lovely new studio in downtown Palo Alto. June, 2003

The 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration in Florida!
6 shots sent up by Bill Egan, to commemorate the beginning of the big party of the year. May, 2003

Visiting Susan and Jorge
Darlene and Marianne drop by Susan and Jorge's for a tea party. 4 pictures. April, 2003.

Madonna's video
You need realplayer from to view this. You can get a "free" 14 day trial, but they extract your credit card number first. And it's up to you to cancel before the 14 days is out, else they start charging $10/month.

2003 so far: the Peace Vigil
A couple shots of Mom, Dad, Karen, Patrick & baby at the Ormond Beach, Florida Peace Vigil on March 16, 2003.


Miscellaneous and Christmas 2002
A grab-bag of people pictures, including Christmas 2002 and New Year's Eve 2002/2003.

Panama City, 2002
Linda and Gary ride as Queen Mer and King Neptune in the Mardi Gras parade. And Linda and Gary re-tile and renovate the guest bathroom in an amazing effort!

Visiting Mannheim, January 2002
11 pictures, starting from Kirchberg and ending up in Mannheim. Snow and cold outside give way to the cozy comfort of Kathi and Rainer's apartment.


Kathi's pictures from Christmastime, Volume I, December 2001
53 shots, arranged strictly in alphabetical order, and not in any sort of chronological or logical order!

Kathi's pictures from Christmastime, Volume II, December 2001
31 shots; Again, note that these arranged strictly in alphabetical order, so they jump around, so to speak.

Christmas-time in Kirchberg, December 2001
25 shots, ranging from a visit to the Koeniger's to Christmas at the Pfarrhof in Kirchberg. Lots of proof of snow in Kirchberg!

Thanksgiving in Panama City, November 2001
7 pictures, mostly of the workshop project to put up the insulation!

Halloween in Germany, October 31, 2001
Feast your eyes on 5 incredible photos of pumpkin carving by Rainer and Kathi!

Mom and Dad in California, October, 2001
Mom and Dad visit for 6 weeks in California, to help Marianne in her recovery from a rough summer. In the meantime, Dad prepares for the hot tub, and the hot tub materializes!

Mom, Dad and Marianne visit Tenaya Lodge, Wawona, the giant Sequoias, Tuolomne Meadows in upper Yosemite (8,000 feet) and Ahwanee Lodge, in a short but full and wonderful trip to Yosemite. September, 2001.

Gary and Linda visit California, September, 2001 ...
... to help Marianne get ready for Mom and Dad's visit. Linda cleans the whole house, Gary cleans the whole front and back porches and does a ton of yard work and cleans the garage to boot! The second day we visited Russian Ridge and Half Moon Bay, and the third day we visited the art and crafts fair up in the redwoods of Woodside.

Part 2 of Linda and Gary in California, September, 2001
Two shots of Linda and Gary, a couple of the ridge, and a whole bunch of shots of the beach at Half Moon Bay. Only ten pictures total!

Dad visits California, August, 2001
Dad visits Marianne for a few weeks, to help her out in her nascent recovery of the difficult events of the summer. There are only 11 shots in this set.

Fire Trail, summer 2001

Note, this section is not completed, but is under construction

The fire trail is my favorite walk - out the front door and up the hilly Winding Way and through the tree-filled canyon, and back. Or, come back along some side streets.

Fiji Beaches and Heavenly Bodies (story), April 24, 2001
John Wharton goes to Fiji (small picture) to find bits of Mir, and John Markoff writes of it in the 24 April 2001 N.Y. Times. This copy is part of troutlily's public service media archive, since I don't trust I'll be able to find media articles online in a few years without having to pay! Therefore, we'll keep our own clippings.

2 lovely pictures of Verena, Kurt and Christa's little girl, from the time of Kathi and Rainer's wedding (May 2000)

Cathy, Kathi and Marianne do the town
Cathy visited us for a short but wonderful weekend in March 2001 (March 24-25)

Houston Spring Break, March 2001
Family from all over congregate on Houston: Kathi and Marianne from California, Mom and Dad from Florida, and Christian, Jill and Finlay from across town

Hybrid Rotarians, February 2001
The Rotary fundraiser was February 24, 2001; Kathi went as Princess Grace, and I as some vaguely elegant if plump socialite. In other excitement, we went down to Redwood City Honda and test drove the 2001 Honda Insight, a hybrid gas/electric vehicle selling for $20k and up.

Panama City Float, February 2001
The Mardi Gras Walking (Floating? or Flying?) Fish! From Linda.

Sonycam, February 2001
Initial shots from Kathi's digital camera: Bunny Suit Kathi, the new Maytag Neptune Energy Star Washing Machine (the only thing in the house with more names than Annikin), and the girls all dressed up with only a Rotary fundraiser to go to


Houstonites Skiing, December 2000
Mike, Peggie, Rachel and Ryan at Keystone, Colorado

Christmas 2000
Making decorations, getting a tree, and taking a walk in the woods: Big Basin State Park

Carnelian Bay, December 2000 -- not yet indexed
ski cabin and Lake Tahoe

Thanksgiving 2000
Thanksgiving in Panama City and a few shots of this skeptical auteur

Halloween 2000
Halloween and other autumn shots

Point Lobos, October 2000
Eight scenery-only shots of the surprisingly beautiful Point Lobos

Yosemite, October 2000
Photos from "Three Great Hikes" field seminar, put on by Yosemite Association.

Seagrass Monitoring, October 2000
Seagrasses and more in St. Andrew Bay:Linda and Gary are active in the effort to preserve and protect St. Andrew Bay and neighborhood. This page chronicles some of the efforts.

Summer2000 at Echo Lake, August 2000
Visit the photos online, or download all 40 jpg's as a zip file (3.1 MB for the zip file.)

Kathi & Rainer Wedding, May 26 and May 27, 2000

Marianne Mueller